From lotro-wiki.com:

The Captain has a hand in just about every job for a group. Alone a Captain is a capable warrior and healer, but in a group, they improve a fellowship to an exceptional level. Though they aren’t the best in any one area (even when they are traited that way), they can fill just about any role in a group to a limited extent. Equipped with a Herald and plenty of offensive and defensive capabilities, the Captain is a class that requires some thought and focus to mastering.

From the Lorebook:

Captains are armoured melee fighters and masters of buffing; skills that enhance allies. They may summon a Herald companion to fight by their side, ensuring they always have an ally to buff. They can also Mark foes, giving benefits to all who attack them. In fellowships, a Captain supports his allies with healing and buffs, while still dealing respectable damage.

From Valdurion’s Captain Guide:

The captain is a true hybrid. They would possibly be closest to a paladin if they were in another game. They wear heavy armor and fight with big weapons but also buff, protect and are good backup healers.


As a Man Captain (the only race who can play Captain is Man), you begin in the village of Archet. Immediately in front of you stands the hobbit Celandine Brandybuck. She offers your first quest of ‘Intro: Strider’s Charge‘. Accept the quest and turn around. Your quest target, Amdir, is sitting on the ground. Chat with Amdir and continue with the quest. Next you need to talk to Strider beside him, completing the quest. (50xp) From Strider you’ll receive the quest ‘Intro: Captain Brackenbrook‘, who happens to be standing only a few feet away. Chat with him and continue the quest, to chat with three NPCs within Archet.

Following the quest arrow on the mini-map, move around Archet and talk to all three. After the third, you’ll be sent to Strider. Talk to him and complete the quest. (50xp) Grats, you are now level 2.

Now talk to Captain Brackenbrook again and accept the quest ‘Intro: Honing Your Skills‘. Move to the Captain Trainer and purchase the necessary skill Devastating Blow (and Rallying Cry, while we’re at it.) Both skills will be auto-placed on your quickbar, usually 4 and 5 respectively. Now, to complete the quest you must target one of the dummies and use the combination Battle Shout(1) -> Devastating Blow(4). Talk to the trainer and complete the quest. (67xp) I recommend picking up the 2H sword, but this is up to you.

Now pick up the quest ‘Intro: Remedy of the Ruins‘ from Captain Brackenbrook. This quest finally takes you out of Archet. Follow your quest arrow to Cal Sprigley standing in a group. Accept the quest ‘Intro: Wolves of the Ruins‘. Press M to bring up your map. You should see an area highlighted red NE called Bronwe’s Folly. Head towards that area, killing any of the wolves. Once you reach Bronwe’s Folly, work your way to the top, collecting the leaves for the Remedy and continuing to kill any wolves. At the top, you’ll find an oversized banner. This will trigger the quest and tell you to click the banner to summon the Blackwold Wolf-master. After killing him, and having killed 4 wolves and collected 4 leaves, make your way back to Cal Sprigley to drop off the quests. (82xp)

Now head back to Archet to Captain Brackenbrook to complete his quest. (86xp) Accept the new quest ‘Intro: The Interrogation‘ and follow your quest arrow to Otto. Talk to Otto and then Ned Pruner below, who sends you back to Captain Brackenbrook to complete the quest. (82xp) Pick up the quests: ‘Siege to the South, ‘Sweet Bilberry Tea and ‘A Very Empty Belly. With these three quests, follow the path out of Archet.

Continue on the path until you reach a few piglets. Kill these for the the quest drops of boar-meat. (If you haven’t already, you should have hit level 4 by now.) Make your way back to where Cal Sprigley is and talk to Wil Wheatley for the quest ‘The Courageous Farmers‘. Heading NE, you will come across the body of Thornton first. From there, continuing NE you will come across the body of Hayspear next. Around the body, are several bushes of the bilberries you need. Collect what you van around the pond and head NE again, to the body of Walt Wheatley. Now head back to the pond and search for any remaining bilberries. After you have your 4 bilberries, collected 4 boar-meats and found all 3 bodies, head back to Wil Wheatley to turn in the quest. (87xp). You receive the quest from Cal Sprigley to seek aid from the town of Combe, however you are blocked by a group of Blackwolds. Return to Cal, who sends you with a letter for Captain Brackenbrook.

Return to Archet and drop off the boar-meat (87xp) and the bilberries (87xp). Get the follow-up quest ‘A Gift for Amdir‘ to deliver the bilberry tea to Amdir. (81xp) Turn in the quest ‘A Plea for Aid’ to Captain Brackenbrook afterward. (81xp) Chat with Strider and accept the quest ‘The Exiled Hunter‘.